TimeWillTell’s vibrant, easy-to-wear and classic wristwatches were designed by the late Stewart Unger, beloved co-author of “American Wristwatches: Five Decades of Style and Design” and proprietor of New York’s original vintage watch shop on Madison Avenue, appropriately called ‘TimeWillTell’. Mr. Unger dedicated his life to the study of watches. He sought passionately to bring the perfect combination of quality, beauty and functionality to every client.

Stacy Hoover met Stewart Unger one enchanted afternoon at a vintage watch exhibition in 1994. Mr. Unger was splendidly dressed with a watch tucked neatly in his waistcoat pocket. Stacy was surprised and delighted to meet this curious man whose passion for unique, well-crafted watches mirrored her own. A friendship was born and Stacy was inspired to open her own vintage watch shop in the most whimsical city she knew, New Orleans. Hoover Watches & Jewels, as she aptly named the shop, quickly became a fixture on Royal Street, New Orleans’ center for rare antiques and collectibles. Stacy spent fourteen years dedicated to bringing curious and delightful finds to the city. She painted a world of her own filled with tea parties, dinners, and adventures in this wonderland-of-a-city.




In 2005, Stacy found her world, again, colliding with that of the magical Mr Unger. Confronted with the unavoidable reality of a city devastated by floods, Stacy reached out to her long-time friend and mentor. Down went Stacy, into the rabbit hole, only to find herself in New York City! She was asked to take on a watch design project that Mr. Unger had begun. It was a whimsical watch designed with Bakelite jewelry of the Art Deco era in mind. Dedicated to his passion for quality, this last design was created using the finest Japanese quartz movement and most durable resin. Less than a year later, Mr. Unger fell to the hands of time, but not before entrusting his legacy to his beloved acolyte.

Stacy honors the tradition of Mr. Unger and continues to offer this jewel-of-a-watch to clientele in three continents! She carries on his quest for beauty, expanding the line of watches from six original to twenty-five exceptional colors that continue to grow to compliment every expression. Stacy has gone on to surprise and delight her clients through her enthusiasm for TimeWillTell’s fun, classic and bold watches.


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